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 Pestubes- Under-The-Slab

Beyond Pre-Treat Termite Prevention

Pestubes-Under-The-Slab is a built-in termite
prevention system designed to easily deliver a
termiticide treatment under the hard to reach
termite-prone slab areas. Pestubes-Under-The-
Slab provides low-cost termite protection year after
year and virtually eliminates costly foundation drilling
methods that can devalue your home. The Pestubes-
Under-The-Slab system has been proven effective
in thousands of installations.
Termites harm 600,000 homes annually in the U.S., doing on average more damage than all
natural disasters combined. Our system provides a chemical and mechanical barrier to these
dangerous pests. Precision channels molded into the edges of the 3" wide Pestube strip actually
'lock'the tube into the underside of the slab as the cement sets, creating a physical barrier under
expansion joints (control cracks). Millions of dollars are spent each year on research and
development for new termiticides. As new termiticides become available, our technology will
allow them to be injected under the slab.
Before the slab is poured, Pestubes are installed along the footers, under expansion joints and
around plumbing and electrical lines. The tubes are precision laser peforated every 6 inches to
ensure proper dispersal of pesticide. 
Pest Control One LLC. #9279
6501 W Frye Rd #24
Chandler AZ 85226